yono app simplifies pin generation

YONO App Revolutionizes ATM PIN Generation

Have you ever wondered how the process of generating ATM PINs could be made simpler and more secure?

The YONO App, launched by State Bank of India (SBI), has revolutionized the process of generating ATM PINs by offering customers a convenient and secure way to generate PINs from the comfort of their homes.

This article provides an overview of the YONO App, its benefits, and step-by-step instructions for ATM PIN generation.

Key Takeaways

  • YONO App is an integrated mobile app for digital banking, offering various services such as ticket bookings, online shopping, and bill payments.
  • It provides the convenience of generating ATM PIN from the comfort of home, saving time and eliminating the need to visit a bank or ATM machine.
  • The process of generating ATM PIN through YONO App is secure, with OTP verification ensuring the safety of the transaction.
  • It is important to set a memorable ATM PIN to prevent forgetting it, increase convenience during transactions, and enhance the overall security of the ATM card.


Using YONO App for ATM PIN generation provides numerous benefits for customers, including convenience, time-saving, and user-friendliness.

It eliminates the need to visit an ATM machine, thus saving time.

It also has a user-friendly interface for easy navigation.

Moreover, it has a secure process with OTP verification which enhances the overall security of the ATM card.

Therefore, customers can generate their ATM PIN from the comfort of home with enhanced security and time-saving features.


Here is a step-by-step guide on how to generate SBI ATM PIN using the YONO App:

  1. Login to the app using your internet banking credentials or MPIN.
  2. Tap on 'Service Request' under 'Quick Links'.
  3. Click on 'ATM/Debit Card Services' and enter your password.
  4. Go to the 'ATM/Debit Card' tab and select 'Activate Card'.
  5. Choose the account for which you want to generate the ATM PIN.
  6. Enter the 16-digit debit card number associated with the account.
  7. Note down the OTP that is sent to your registered mobile number.
  8. Use the OTP to generate the ATM PIN.
  9. Set a memorable PIN for your ATM card.
  10. This secure process eliminates the need to visit an ATM machine.


My personal experience with YONO App has taught me the importance of setting a memorable ATM PIN. It helps prevent forgetting the PIN and needing to reset it, making transactions more convenient.

Here are some tips and techniques for memorizing ATM PIN:

  • Use a meaningful date of birth or anniversary in 'DD MM' format.
  • Create an acronym from a phrase or quote that is easy to remember.
  • Make a mental connection with a pattern or image to help recall the PIN.
  • Use the first letter of each word in a phrase to come up with a unique PIN.
  • Associate the PIN with a place or other easily identifiable item.

These methods can help ensure that the ATM PIN is memorable while also preventing unauthorized access.

Setting a memorable PIN is an important step in making sure that your bank account and funds are secure.


By eliminating the need to visit an ATM machine, YONO App offers a convenient solution for customers to generate ATM PINs. This eliminates the hassle of waiting in queues, making it a cost-effective and user-friendly service.

With the YONO App, users can generate an ATM PIN from the comfort of their home. The user-friendly navigation of the app makes it easy for customers to access the service. Moreover, it ensures secure access with OTP verification. This helps prevent unauthorized access to the ATM card and adds to the user satisfaction.

Hence, YONO App has brought a revolution in the banking industry with its innovative and convenient services.


Ensuring secure access with OTP verification, YONO App provides a secure environment for customers to generate ATM PINs. The process is two-factor authenticated, ensuring protection of the ATM PIN. It involves entering a 16-digit debit card number and then receiving an OTP for verification.

Here are the key aspects of the security process:

  • One-time password (OTP) verification
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Secure login with internet banking credentials or MPIN
  • Protection of the ATM PIN
  • Verification of registered mobile number

This secure process ensures that customers can generate their ATM PINs without worrying about unauthorized access.

SBI Services

The State Bank of India (SBI) offers a wide range of services through its mobile banking app, YONO. From savings account opening to ATM card activation, customers can enjoy convenient, secure, and easy access to banking services.

YONO also provides helpful customer support in case of any query, making it a reliable source for digital banking. Additionally, users can open a savings account in a few easy steps and get the ATM card activated with just a few taps.

As an added layer of security, YONO requires the user to enter a one-time-password (OTP) for easy activation. This ensures only the rightful user can access the account.

With YONO, customers can enjoy the convenience of digital banking with utmost security.

Final Tips

For a secure and convenient banking experience, it is important to keep a few tips in mind while generating an ATM PIN through YONO App.

Firstly, set a PIN that is easy to remember but not easily guessable. Memorizing the PIN in 'DD MM' format can be helpful.

Secondly, ensure that all banking transactions are done in a secure manner. Avoid alternative methods of PIN generation, such as sharing it with family or friends.

Thirdly, always keep the PIN confidential and never reveal it to anyone.

Fourthly, if the PIN is forgotten, reset it immediately.

Lastly, periodically change the PIN for added security.

Following these tips can help users stay safe and secure while using YONO App for ATM PIN generation.

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