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Master the Art of Mobile Presentations With These Top Apps

Are you looking to wow your audience with your mobile presentations? You've come to the right place! With the right apps, you can create powerful and engaging presentations from the comfort of your phone.

It's estimated that over 90% of presentations are now created on mobile devices. So, get ready to take your presentation skills to the next level! We'll help you get started with using the latest presentation tools and features to create amazing slideshows.

Key Takeaways

  • PowerPoint presentations on mobile are useful for both business and education purposes.
  • Google Slides is a free and accessible option for creating and editing PowerPoint presentations on mobile.
  • Zoho Show provides a quick and free alternative to Google Slides, with various features and continuous development.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint offers a powerful and user-friendly mobile version, with additional features like Presenter Coach and Office 365 integration.
  • Prezi and Keynote are also popular options for creating engaging and immersive presentations on mobile, with unique features and compatibility with specific devices.

Google Slides

Experience the power of Google Slides on your mobile device. It's a free presentation application that provides a plethora of templates and editing options.

With Google Slides, you can create and modify presentations from both your phone and computer. It's an ideal tool for students who don't have access to Microsoft Office. You can even access existing PowerPoint files and save them in the Google Drive office suite.

The app is also quick and easy to use, making it perfect for those who want to create a presentation without spending too much time. With Google Slides, you can create a professional presentation in no time.


You can use Zoho Show as an alternative to PowerPoint to create presentations on the go. This app offers various features like templates, charts, shapes, formatting options, and animations. It's a quick and free option, making it ideal for those without access to Microsoft Office.

Zoho Show also provides an array of templates to choose from and allows you to modify existing PowerPoint files. Additionally, you can add music to your presentations to make them more engaging.

With Zoho, you can quickly create PowerPoint-style presentations on the go. Plus, its intuitive design makes it easy to use and share presentations with colleagues.

With its advanced features, Zoho Show can be a great asset for those looking to create professional presentations on the go.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is an industry-leading presentation application that can help you create engaging presentations on the go. It's user-friendly interface makes it easy to read, modify, and save PowerPoint files. Plus, it includes a Presenter Coach function to help you prepare for your speech.

With PowerPoint you can:

  1. Read and modify existing PowerPoint files
  2. Create presentations from scratch
  3. Unlock the full capabilities of PowerPoint with an Office 365 subscription
  4. Utilize the Presenter Coach function to prepare for speeches

Microsoft PowerPoint is an effective and secure way to make presentations on the go. With its user-friendly interface and Presenter Coach function, you can create engaging presentations with confidence.


Following Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi is another versatile tool for creating engaging presentations.

Prezi is suitable for both formal and informal occasions, with built-in YouTube search and AirDrop support for easy sharing. It also features video mirroring, 30 alternative themes, and Apple Watch control.

With Prezi, you can present live to colleagues using your iPad or Apple TV, while the app's design techniques allow for a more immersive experience.

Take advantage of Prezi's intuitive features, such as formatting options, shapes, and animations, to create compelling presentations and engage your audience.

With Prezi, you can be sure to make a lasting impression.


For Apple users, Keynote is a comprehensive presentation tool to create engaging presentations with ease. It features:

1) 30 alternative themes

2) video mirroring capability

3) AirDrop for easy sharing

4) Apple Watch integration

iCloud connectivity also makes it easy to access and edit presentations from both phone and PC.

With its elegant and simple interface, Keynote is the perfect presentation tool for those who want safety, control, and an immersive experience.

Design Tips

You can take your presentations to the next level with these design tips.

Attention to presentation aesthetics, such as the color scheme, font selection, and slide organization, can help make your content more engaging. Consider using a color wheel to find complementary shades and create visually appealing slides.

Additionally, make sure to use the same font throughout your presentation for cohesiveness.

Additionally, keep your slides organized and structured by grouping related information. Keeping it simple will be more effective in conveying your message. Remember to use a clear font size and use short, concise sentences.

With these design tips, you can create an effective and visually pleasing presentation.

Features Overview

Now that you know the basics of mobile presentations, let's take a look at the features of the top apps:

  1. Google Slides offers an intuitive interface, allowing you to read, modify, and save PowerPoint files.
  2. Zoho Show provides templates, charts, shapes, formatting options, and animations.
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint has a user-friendly mobile version and Presenter Coach to help with speeches.
  4. Prezi is suitable for both formal and informal presentations, and offers a more immersive experience.

Presentation tools such as Google Slides, Zoho Show, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Prezi offer mobile presentation advantages like user-friendly interfaces, templates, and animations. These apps make it easy to create engaging presentations quickly and efficiently.

With the help of these presentation tools, you can confidently tackle any project.

Sharing & Collaboration

Tap into the collaborative capabilities of these presentation tools to easily share and work together on projects.

Google Slides allows you to collaborate with others in real-time, while Microsoft PowerPoint supports collaborative editing.

Zoho also provides real-time feedback and Prezi and Keynote offer video mirroring capabilities for easy sharing.

With these tools, you can securely store and share presentations with colleagues and friends. Plus, you can work on projects with multiple people simultaneously and make changes as needed.

This makes it easy to expand your ideas and work together on complex projects.

With these tools, you can create presentations and collaborate with ease.


Building on the ability to share and collaborate on projects, these presentation tools are also compatible with a variety of devices and file types. Whether you're using a laptop, tablet, or mobile device, there's a software that can meet your needs:

  1. Google Slides allows you to read, modify, and save PowerPoint files.
  2. Zoho Show provides a free alternative to Google Slides with templates, charts, and animations.
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation application, allowing you to access and edit your presentations on any device.
  4. Apple's Keynote offers iCloud connectivity and video mirroring to share presentations.

No matter the platform, these tools give you the power to create beautiful and engaging presentations from any device. With the right software compatibility, you can ensure your projects look professional and reflect your unique style.

Presentation Strategies

Drawing on the wide range of compatibility options, you can now create presentations that suit your unique style and goals.

To ensure success, you should consider presentation delivery strategies that engage your audience. For instance, with Microsoft PowerPoint, you can use the Presenter Coach function to practice delivering your speech.

You can also employ features such as video mirroring and AirDrop with Apple Keynote. Other programs such as Zoho and Prezi offer a variety of formatting options and animations to create a more immersive experience.

With Google Slides, you can access and edit your presentations across multiple devices.

No matter which program you choose, you can make your presentation stand out with the right presentation delivery strategies.

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